Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Myra Canyon

In early fall I achieved a life long ambition - to cycle the Kettle Valley Railway. Although I would love to bike the entire route, Myra Canyon, near Kelowna was a great start. Spectacular vistas were at every turn, and it was inspiring to cycle the path of the ancient trains. The historic trestles were destroyed by fire in 2003, but have been rebuilt. Relics of that fire remained; charred tree trunks pierced the lush regrowth, while the autumn color added flames of its own. 

Fire in the Valley

Burning Bush

Turning Leaf

Rain Shadow


Shadow and Light


Two for the Rail Bed
Copyright 2017, Kathy Neudorf

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning photography!!! Such glorious scenery captured so magnificently. "Fire in the Valley" screams of wild places, "Canyon" embraces all the colors of nature and "Two for the Rail Bed" shows the depth of the path. So so well done.