Friday, February 26, 2016


More from the trip to the UK - our stop in Stockport included a visit to the Market, a favorite childhood destination. It's a fascinating place, offering up an eclectic mix of merchandise from buttons to cakes to underwear to wonderful English cardis. Overlooking the Market is  magnificent St. Mary's Church, a Gothic masterpiece that opened in 1817. I was lucky enough to see a bell ringer in action - amazing!

St. Mary's Window

Station Approach

Road to the Market
Call to Worship
Copyright 2016, Kathy Neudorf

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Mysterious Forest

Meanwhile, back at Linda's lovely property in Surrey, Winter is in full force. While we don't have snow, the trees are bare and inscrutable, and the ground is littered with storm tossed leaves and branches. Bear Creek, the dreamy, meandering stream of summer, has become a turbulent torrent. Take a look. 


River in the Rain

Echoes of Fall

Rockin' Chair
Wild Waters

The Hollow
Copyright 2016, Kathy Neudorf