Sunday, July 28, 2013

Loch Gruinart and Sanaigmore Bay

Like so much of Islay, these northern destinations are a study in contrast. Loch Gruinart is a wetland wildlife preserve, while just down the road, Sanaigmore Bay opens onto the ageless Atlantic. It is also guarded by the most dramatic rock formations I've ever seen. In between are rustic homesteads, rough moors, and the Outback Art Gallery. Oh, and did I mention sheep?

Our visit to Loch Gruinart also included an evening stop at Kilnave, where once again we were enchanted by the historic beauty of Islay's heritage. The Kilnave Chapel and Cross are 'newer' than the Kildalton ruins, dating from the 14th Century. This beautiful spot has an exquisite water view, the perfect place to experience an island sunset.

Kilnave Chapel And Cross

Chapel Exterior Wall

Interior View, Kilnave Chapel

Loch Gruinart Overlook

Loch Gruinart Wetlands

Hurry Home

Gated Stream, Sanaigmore

Rocky Approach, Sanaigmore Bay

Weathered Rocks, Sanaigmore Bay

Friday, July 5, 2013

Port Nahaven, Port Charlotte And A Wee Dram At Ardbeg

I looked forward to photographing picturesque seaside villages in Scotland, and Islay had them in spades. I love the look of the historic homes; the way they cluster on the cliffs, braced against wind and tide. At the Port Charlotte Hotel I had my first taste of Haggis, and enjoyed it a lot. We also stopped at the Ardbeg distillery for afternoon tea - not the whiskey one might expect, but if a wee dram is required, Islay's eight distilleries can certainly supply that.

Main Street, Port Charlotte

Rooms With A View, Port Charlotte

Beach, Lighthouse, Port Charlotte

Ardbeg Distillery - Time For Tea!
Ardbeg Beach
Suburbia, Port Nahaven
Homes By The Bay, Port Nahaven