Sunday, April 13, 2014


Haleakala was the highlight of my visit to Maui. It's an otherworldly place, full of mist and mystery. The air was thin, the climb was steep, and the views were spectacular. Due to heavy fog at the summit I was unable to capture the vistas seen by others, but the scenery just a few feet down was amazing. 

Misty Mountain

Playground of the Gods

Nature's Palette

Stairway to Heaven

Lava Life

More Mist
Copyright 2014, Kathy Neudorf


Anonymous said...

Seriously good stuff - - a great reminder that Hawaii isn't just about beaches and surfing. Your collection just never ceases to impress and delight.

Anonymous said...

Terrific diversity of subject matter - and wonderful results. Really reflects Hawaii is not just about beaches and surfing. 'Bout time :)