Thursday, August 29, 2013

Urban Delish

Last night was an epiphany. I visited downtown Vancouver for some dinner and photography. Dinner was a fine idea, but the prospect of photography didn't excite me much. I feel most at home in the natural world, and cityscapes usually leave me cold. Then I started using Chris Harris techniques in the urban environment and whole new vistas opened up - whoa! These shots are hand held and essentially straight from the camera. What do you think?

Store Window


First Avenue



Anonymous said...

Art is where you find it, and you surely do seem to find it in the strangest places. That's a pretty good talent to possess.

Chris Harris said...

Wow. Jumping out of the box with your camera can be so much fun and these images talk to me about having fun. Great work.

Greg Neudorf said...

Your photos look like paintings. They are just beautiful - Greg

Linda said...

You can do the city :)