Friday, July 5, 2013

Port Nahaven, Port Charlotte And A Wee Dram At Ardbeg

I looked forward to photographing picturesque seaside villages in Scotland, and Islay had them in spades. I love the look of the historic homes; the way they cluster on the cliffs, braced against wind and tide. At the Port Charlotte Hotel I had my first taste of Haggis, and enjoyed it a lot. We also stopped at the Ardbeg distillery for afternoon tea - not the whiskey one might expect, but if a wee dram is required, Islay's eight distilleries can certainly supply that.

Main Street, Port Charlotte

Rooms With A View, Port Charlotte

Beach, Lighthouse, Port Charlotte

Ardbeg Distillery - Time For Tea!
Ardbeg Beach
Suburbia, Port Nahaven
Homes By The Bay, Port Nahaven

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Anonymous said...

These are just amazing! The depth,texture and attention to detail really display how much you enjoy what you're doing behind the lens. Thanks for sharing your journey.