Monday, April 16, 2012


Finally, I'm going through the 400+ photos taken last summer on the Oregon Coast. It's been delightful to revisit these images, along with the memories they stir. What a place - words can barely describe it, so I won't try. More to come, as always:)

Fort Stevens Sunset

Land's End, Devil's Punchbowl

Oregon Rocks!

Livin' On The Edge

Wind Blown

Copyright 2012, Kathy Neudorf


Joy the Lensdancer said...

Oh Kathy ... I forget you have a such a wonderful blog to come and hang out at. Tonight as I was making sure I had the correct addresses for members entering prints into competition, I saw your name and thought ... hey I haven't been there in a long while. So thank you for allowing me to meander through your images, especially your Oregon Coast ... really I know what you mean, it is my most favourite place next to home on the planet. I could use some Oregon coast adventures about now. Haven't been down in 10 years. Hard after we were down every year before that on our way back from racing or on the home-bound end of a trip. I sure hope Ralph and I can gather some time and money to enable a trip this summer. It truly is soul replenishing and the nice part is as photographers, we can bring it home and embrace it whenever we want.
Thank you for taking me back to those beauty spots, it was so nice to just dream.
Take care my friend, enjoy your day.

Kathy said...

Thank you Joy. I'm glad my photos brought back some good memories for you. I have more, but haven't gotten round to posting - it's very hard to find the time these days. I hope you can get back to Oregon sooner than later - camping isn't that expensive, and hey, you have the van:) It really is a magical place and I'd return in a heartbeat! Kathy