Wednesday, September 28, 2011


At the end of July I spent nine days on the Oregon Coast. Nine hundred days wouldn't have been enough. My task was twofold - to distill the infinite grandeur into images that would fit inside a viewfinder, and to create something outside what has been done before. Here are some first impressions:

Devil's Punchbowl

Ghost Ship

South Cannon Beach

Cat in Window, Astoria

Haystack Trio

All images copyright 2011, Kathy Neudorf


Linda said...

Wow, these are very good. Can imagine them very large and being taking into. Linda

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I've seen some of these places a few times and you seem to see them in ways not typical, yet there to be seen. Both the simplicity and the complexity of your scenes make your work both light and dramatic. You seem to be mastering your equipment. To say there's no artistry in this work is to say there's no soul in Rachmaninoff!!!