Sunday, January 23, 2011

Imagination Is Eternity

I'm a member of the Langley Camera Club, and this week we hosted Freeman Patterson, Canada's premier photographer. What an experience it was. I was fortunate enough to attend his Master Class, where these images were made. Then it was on to an all day seminar, where Freeman shared his matchless gifts. I feel like I've been given a treasure box, and now must find the opportunity and the courage to open it.



Tie Back

Copyight 2011, Kathy Neudorf

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Anonymous said...

Exquisite - your still life with inanimate object shows you're rapidly approaching passing the masters at the trade.

The chair leg scene has been done many times before, but I don't believe I can ever recall it ever looking so vivid and true to what it is. Your audience should be yelling "bravo!"